Beets for Liver Health

For starters I recommend raw beets grated on salad as a great source of choline, but next in line on the "healthier line-up" (vs. concentrated sugars of baked beets) 

Steamed & Marinated Beets

Wash and trim edges, cut in quarters/ 2 inch pieces. Steam covered until fork goes in easily, transfer to mason jar with 1-2 TB organic olive oil and either apple cider vinegar or fresh juice of orange. (the acidic helps the iron absorption) Other options- fine grated ginger

With lid on jar shake well and put in fridge to cool. You may want to shake through cooling to distribute the dressing. Once cooled keeps covered in fridge for 3-5+days. Serve over lettuce or they can stand alone. Options: toasted or sprouted/re-dehydrated pecans or walnuts, blue cheese or soft goat cheese




Potato Leek Soup

That was a fantastic lunar eclipse last night, potent and beautiful! Time for letting go for the old and bringing in the new, expanding our self-care and deepening our health practices.

We are still in Winter season, but signs of Spring are all around! When the phlegm and dampness still persists, snotty kids and maybe some overindulgences from the holidays clogging our systems, we can turn to our allium friends for invigoration. Here’s Potato Leek soup, which can be made vegan or include dairy or chicken stock, adjust as preferred. Serve a fresh beet salad, citrus vinaigrette on the side, pumpkin seeds for a zinc boost. For more specific cleanse ideas and an individualized plan please be in touch and schedule an appointment~

 Potato Leek Soup Recipe

6 c leeks cut off root tip, slice up middle and chop, goal is small discs or slices, go up the white into the green for a bit. Avoid any browned or tough leaves. Toss in colander or salad spinner and run clean water through to rinse off grit & dirt.

1 ½ c chopped onion, chop fine

3 c potatoes, washed, cleaned and diced

3-4 stalks celery, cleaned, sliced thin

2+ quarts veggie stock

(I used 2c. chicken stock as well)

*optional 6 ounces milk, nut milk or substitute stirred in just before serving, use caution when reheating. DO NOT COOK MILK.

* I offered sour cream on the side for self-serve so that there was still a dairy free option.

 Salt & Pepper to taste. Use white pepper or rainbow pepper for extra fancy on the creamy backdrop.

1/2 to 1 tsp. Dijon mustard (adjust to taste, go subtle)

olive oil &/or butter to sauté (lots!)

1.     Sauté onions in bottom of soup pan with abundant oil/butter/ghee. As they start to turn transparent add leeks, celery and potatoes. Do not brown onions! Undercook rather than overcook the onions.

2.    Add enough of liquid to cover top of vegetables, consider whether you are adding cream later. Bring to simmer until potatoes are tender, yet not mushy 20-30 min.

3.     Next, remove 1/3 to ½ vegetables and blend soup with hand blender or carefully transfer to blender. CAUTION WITH HOT SOUP.

4. Add more liquid as needed, add cream or milk substitute if desired. I left my soup more thick and let folks add their dairy as they liked. If you have added milk and need to reheat go slowly, do not boil milk.

5.     Serve warm, with toast or salad. Bread Srsly is one of my fav gf sourdough breads, served toasted and dripping in butter.


Note: You can adjust this recipe as needed, I essentially followed 2 parts leeks, 1 part potato, ½ part onion, adjust the rest as needed. The sour cream on the side was a nice option, in that case leave the soup thicker i.e.add less stock/broth so that the blended potatoes “cream up”.


May you be Nourished!