Beets for Liver Health

For starters I recommend raw beets grated on salad as a great source of choline, but next in line on the "healthier line-up" (vs. concentrated sugars of baked beets) 

Steamed & Marinated Beets

Wash and trim edges, cut in quarters/ 2 inch pieces. Steam covered until fork goes in easily, transfer to mason jar with 1-2 TB organic olive oil and either apple cider vinegar or fresh juice of orange. (the acidic helps the iron absorption) Other options- fine grated ginger

With lid on jar shake well and put in fridge to cool. You may want to shake through cooling to distribute the dressing. Once cooled keeps covered in fridge for 3-5+days. Serve over lettuce or they can stand alone. Options: toasted or sprouted/re-dehydrated pecans or walnuts, blue cheese or soft goat cheese