Naturopathic Medicine is founded on the idea of a healing force of Nature, or vis,which resides within every living thing. In Chinese Medicine this could be compared to Qi, the focus of Chinese Medicine being the cultivation, preservation and restoration of the smooth flow of Qi.
We can also imagine this healing force as a mythical creature, a Luck Dragon, which can’t be seen or touched, yet promotes our growth, healing and regeneration. When we “catch a cold” and begin to run a fever, it is this force at work, this vis working to protect our body and enable our healing defenses. When viewed this way you can see we each have our own Luck Dragon. Within each of us is an individual Life Force that gives a sparkle to our eyes and spring to our step. We can look at small babies and children and easily see the clear expression of their Luck Dragons.
Preservation of this vis requires careful, conscious medicine that works to support the Luck Dragon, rather than suppressing the protective Life Force of the body.
Luck Dragon Medicine is the medicine that works to cultivate the Life Force within the body. Naturopathic Medicine is a medicine that works to preserve and support the Luck Dragon to prevent dis-ease and promote lasting Health.
Luck Dragon Medicine is a process, not a pill. Through Naturopathic Medicine patient and practitioner work to support the vis, to encourage the unique, individual Luck Dragon in each of us. The naturopathic practitioner works to educate and to empower the patient to understand how they can work to support their own Luck Dragon.
If we look at it this way, Naturopathic Medicine could then can be seen as teaching the care and feeding of your Luck Dragon.